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The 2024
Leaders in Responsible AI
Summit ↣

Mission Control AI, Booz Allen Hamilton, and The Intellectual Forum at Jesus College, Cambridge are honored to convene the second annual Leaders in Responsible AI Summit.

We invite you to join other senior Defense, Civil, Commercial and Academic leaders for a day of intimate discussion and hands-on workshopping as we define our responsible and productive future with Artificial Intelligence.

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Key Details ↣


Date, Time, Location

March 22nd, 2024.

09:00 - 18:00.

Jesus College, Cambridge, UK.


Attendance, Conduct

Attendance by invitation and application only.

All discussions conducted according to the Chatham House Rule.



Tea, Lunch, and Cocktail reception included.

Complimentary lodging may be available.



No cost to attend.

We invite you to submit an application to join us:

The Leaders of Responsible AI Summit is a hands-on, participatory exercise in AI leadership↣

Securing the future with AI requires more than a few CEO panels and keynotes: it demands practitioners, leaders, and researchers working together. Hands-on. No silos.

That's why the Leaders in Responsible AI Summit is different.

You will be paired with other senior AI leaders in 2 rotating small working groups.

You will unseal prompts addressing a pressing topic in Responsible AI and AI Safety.

As a team, you have 90 minutes to develop implementation and policy responses to the prompts.

These responses are shared and deliberated on, day-of.

They also form a publication authored by the anonymized collective attendees of the summit, in accordance with the Chatham House Rule.

Agenda ↣

Our day is separated into morning and afternoon sessions, punctuated by a catered lunch.

0900: Welcome, coffee and tea
0930: Opening remarks
1000: Morning Working Session Pt 1
1045: Coffee break
1100: Morning Working Session Pt 2
1200: Morning Session Reflection Period
1230: Catered Lunch
1400: Afternoon Working Session Pt 1
1445: Coffee break
1500: Afternoon Working Session Pt 2
1600: Afternoon Session Reflection Period
1630: Closing Remarks, looking to 2025
1700: Cocktail hour

We conclude with a cocktail hour; a special chance to strengthen old relationships and foster new ones.

Attendance ↣

You will be joined by other senior leaders in data, analytics, AI, and Governance, convened under the Chatham House Rule.

Your fellow attendees will arrive from the UK, EU, and around the world. They represent organizations leading in Defense, Civil, Commercial and Academic spaces.

Many of them (yourself included) may be asked to lead or contribute to the dialogues and conversations that animate our day.

Accommodation ↣

Complimentary overnight accommodation for the evenings of March 21st and March 22nd, at Jesus College, Cambridge, may be available to you.

Inquire with Ramsay Brown, Geoff Schaefer, or Dr Julian Huppert for availability.

Other local accommodation may be recommended in the adjacent Cambridge area.

We seek to address the fast-approaching fork in our collective path forward with AI ↣

One path leads toward unprecedented languishing.

Today, AI exacerbates existing structural inequality. Systems that control critical decisions in our lives behave inexplicably. 2024 may see a jobless economic recovery as jobs automate in 2022–2023 in response to global macroeconomic pressure. We’re losing fundamental rights to privacy, the sanctity of our personal data, and autonomy itself. And the fundamental safety of Frontier AI Models is, itself, an open question.

All of these harms are real, today. They hurt the companies building the AI systems that create these outcomes. They hurt our communities. They hurt us.

The other path leads toward unprecedented flourishing.

In this second path, AI technologies are designed, tested, and deployed with fairness as an accountable success criteria, not an afterthought. Critical systems provide clear, acceptable explanations for their decisions and predictions. Our AI Systems, small and large, are beneficent and well-aligned to our notions of human wants and human rights. The benefits of labor displacement are weighed critically against the tangible harms. Our data and analytic development is harmonious with our actions reversing the climate catastrophe. Our fundamental rights to privacy, the sanctity of our personal data, and human autonomy itself are not only protected, but enhanced by the presence of advanced analytics in our lives.

We get to choose which path we go down.

Join us as we choose flourishing↣

Attendance is by invitation and accepted application only. To register your interest in attending, please use this form:


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