Don't just train them on prompt engineering.

Train them to think in AI. Train them on how to co-work effectively with a machines that think alongside them. How to think about how the models think; and put that to work.

GenOps is a modular cloud platform for human + LLM work teaming.

It's the rails for your AI Workforce: accelerate your people and trust your AI investment.

That includes training up to thousands of people - at the same time - on how to succeed with human + LLM work teaming.

Prompt engineering is the new "I know Microsoft Office".

Now you can upskill thousands of your staff in the new skills they need to succeed in the AI workforce.

126 Lessons, 5-9 minutes each.

Arranged in configurable learning journeys for different themes, job roles, and business units: customized to your organization's needs.

Every lesson is contains video learning material and is paired with interactive on-demand coaching, powered by Generative AI.

Practice what you learn; directly in a controlled environment.

Fast facts:

126 lessons.

13 Chapters:
Getting on the same page about AI. AI vs Generative AI. Responsible AI. Examples of Generative AI systems. What can go wrong? What can go right? Putting Generative AI to work. Writing great prompts. Generative AI building blocks. Common pitfalls and avoiding them. Getting teams ready for Generative AI. Thinking through use cases. What's happening under the hood?

Embedded AI-powered coaching in every lesson.

Written by experts and tested in focus groups in the commercial and defense enterprise.

Certification available.

Learning journeys customizable to different business units, themes, and job roles.

Draw down on your AI investment

GenOps drives business value from your hyperscalar Generative AI spend. Get what you're paying for.

Invest in your people and AI

You'll only see ROI from your Gen AI investment if your people know what to do with it.

LLM Vendor Compatible

Use the API keys from your favorite LLM provider; like Anthropic, OpenAI, Google, or Azure AI.

Cloud Compatible

GenOps is compatible with your Cloud Service Provider. We support AWS, Azure, and OCI.

Realize impact

Drive up to a ∆43% improvement in knowledge work quality and velocity.

Operationalize Responsible AI

Enforce real-time LLM Acceptable Usage policies that create a safe-by-default LLM environment.


GenOps is customized to your industry, job roles, and even your corporate branding.

Certification Available

Certify your staff have completed Generative AI and Responsible AI training.

Approved by the Pentagon

GenOps is approved for acquisition via the Other Transaction Authority. Available in IL6 in Q4 2024.

Train your AI Workforce

The smartest people in enterprise AI are embracing human + LLM work teaming.

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