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Sidestep Onerous Client Onboarding with the Help of Generative AI

Gen AI software paired with templated workflows can help alleviate scalability issues and help firms do more with less

Leverage secure document exploration capabilities and keep client IP safe

On-boarding, familiarization, scalability issues are untenable time-sinks for firms

Traditionally, the scope of the work done by Professional Service firms has necessitated massive employee counts to tackle the complex and varied needs of larger organizations. These scalability issues create organizational bloat and slow internal communication and execution. Additionally, time spent familiarizing employees with new clients requirements and documents eats away at employee utility and efficacy on contracts, increasing the time and effort it takes for firms to start delivering results for clients. These two challenges prevent both clients and firms from being able to equally benefit from these engagements.

Generative AI can play an outsized role in helping extend and enhance workers skills to get them well-versed with new clients needs faster. With Gen AI software, Professional Service firm employees skillset can be greatly expanded, allowing them to better tackle any problem a client firm might face. Additionally, software like LLMs can assist in countless different tasks employees perform in order to speed up the processes and ensure quality and consistency in their work, getting quality results to clients faster.


Enhance the skills and speed of employees

Using the GenOps platform, firms can take command of projects with a library of relevant project management guides and workflows to expedite success. 


Load in client documents in a secure manner and leverage the database of pre-made task workflow templates.

AI-assisted upskilling​


With task templates on the GenOps platform, employees of any tenure can demonstrate the speed, skill, and efficiency of veterans.


Customize and tweak templates for any situation to adapt to clients ever-changing needs, from identifying ICs strengths and delegating tasks to tracking and reporting progress on complex, multi-departmental projects.




workflow templates in the GenOps for clarity to help employees understand Gen AI's role in their jobs



employees' capabilities with powerful, pre-made workflow templates fit for any task your clients have



Generative AI tools with both your clients data and your own using GenOps' security filters



your organization's security habits in GenOps to ensure your employees treat projects with the sensitivity they deserve



Gen AI's role in your organization by exploring GenOps' database of pre-built templates for use-case ideas



training times for new employees with powerful, flexible workflow templates in the GenOps platform, suitable for all tenures

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