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Simplify Complex Operations and Empower Engineers with Gen AI

Streamline existing complex control and monitoring processes with powerful templated workflows

Turn every Engineer into AI Engineer with a visual builder for Generative AI software

Complexity and skill barriers to use AI software hamper adoption

As manufacturing complexities grow, so too does the complexity of the tasks required to keep the machinery and industrial systems running and in good repair.  Additionally, the design, maintenance, and implementation of manufacturing machinery and software has historically fallen to specialized industrial and mechanical engineers, not generalist software engineers or any capable of adapting or implementing AI technology. This growing complexity and these skill gaps create barriers in manufacturing firms being able to adopt such disruptive technologies. 

Historically, solutions for these challenges necessitated more complex monitoring and control systems staffed by teams ever-increasing in size, or demanded coding expertise which limited their utility to a specialized few in any organization.  Large Language models have helped change the landscape by allowing teams to articulate their requirements and receive precise, insightful outputs, and to even partially automate tasks. User-centric design means Engineers of any background can effectively deploy them, allowing manufacturing units to adapt, track work and progress, and innovate with ease.


Highlighting the possibilities of easy access Gen AI software​


By utilizing easy to use templated workflows in the GenOps platform, Engineers of every variety in manufacturing firms can utilize powerful Generative AI software in a clear and user-friendly manner. 


Templated workflows can help Engineers tackle a variety of tasks, such as evaluating mechatronic solutions to problems, to designing and implementing mechanical control systems.

Slash complexity in control and monitoring​


Using GenOps’ templated workflows, control engineers can find or create simple solutions to simplifying and streamlining the design, implementation, and monitoring of industrial control mechanisms vital to keeping systems running smoothly.


Load in your own data in a trustworthy and secure interface to explore your options with the help of the latest Generative AI software without worrying about leaking data to third party models.




access to powerful Gen AI software to everyone in your organization and tailor it to their needs with custom workflows



engineering requirements to market changes using AI-driven insights from your organization's data



quality reports with generative AI software, highlighting areas of improvement and helping ensure consistent quality



your workforce consistently using GenAI to develop training material when paired with your own internal data



your engineers with the reasoning skills of LLMs during feasibility studies, designing new products, or modernizing systems 



internal review and continuous improvement protocols with the help of LLMs in the GenOps platform

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