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Portraits in AI Leadership:

Mr. Ramsay Brown

Ramsay Brown is an AI expert, neuroscientist, designer, and founder. Over the past decade he’s lead where technology, innovation, and human flourishing meet: including pioneering work in brain architecture, theoretical chemistry, behavioral engineering, digital therapeutics, and Responsible AI. As a technical executive, his passion lies in fusing business acumen and technical expertise with foresight and servant leadership to turn science fiction into science fact.

Guided by an intergenerational commitment to the promotion of truth and beauty, he animates his highest calling in leading teams that improve the state of the world by accelerating the state of the art. Today, that includes his work as a Senior Research Associate at the Intellectual Forum, Jesus College Cambridge; and as CEO and Founder of Mission Control AI, a dual-use technology company focused on secured cognitive augmentation and soft-cyborgization.

His Portrait is one of many in MissionControlAI 's Portraits of AI Leadership, filmed at our annual Leaders in Responsible AI Summit at Jesus College, Cambridge, in the United Kingdom.

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The 2024
Leaders in Responsible AI
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Mission Control AI, Booz Allen Hamilton, and The Intellectual Forum at Jesus College, Cambridge are honored to convene the second annual Leaders in Responsible AI Summit.

We invite you to join other senior Defense, Civil, Commercial and Academic leaders for a day of intimate discussion and hands-on workshopping as we define our responsible and productive future with Artificial Intelligence.

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