Portraits in AI Leadership:
M. Alejandra Parra-Orlandoni

M. Alejandra Parra-Orandoni is a product strategist and experience designer who enjoys tackling challenges at the intersection of technology, teams, and society -- so responsible innovation is a sweet spot.

She is currently VP, Ethical Innovation & Privacy at a global pharmaceutical company, where her team builds solutions to enable development of responsible tech. Prior to that, she led a think tank at Meta focused on AR/VR, privacy enhancing technologies, and digital identity. She also developed responsible AI products and services at QuantumBlack (AI by McKinsey) and helped launch the firm's inaugural open source project.

Alejandra has previous experience as an engineer, Naval officer, and attorney and holds degrees from MIT, Harvard Law & the US Naval Academy. She writes and speaks publicly about leadership in tech and advises startups. She also volunteers her time mentoring women and military veterans. In her spare time, Alejandra loves to paint, invent silly songs, debate the meaning of life, and play with dogs.


The Portraits in AI Leadership are intimate conversations with leading voices in Responsible AI. Shot on site at Mission Control and Booz Allen's Leaders in Responsible AI Summit; the series is a snapshot of the real people behind Responsible AI. Join us as we both lift them up and learn together.

The Leaders in Responsible AI Summit is Mission Control's annual meeting of luminaries and operators in AI. Convened in-person at Jesus College Cambridge, the Summit is our way of building bridges between the Defense and Commercial Enterprise to help teams coordinate on one of the most pressing topics of our time.

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The 2024
Leaders in Responsible AI
Summit ↣

Mission Control AI, Booz Allen Hamilton, and The Intellectual Forum at Jesus College, Cambridge were honored to convene the second annual Leaders in Responsible AI Summit.

Senior Defense, Civil, Commercial and Academic leaders convened for a single day of intimate discussion and hands-on workshopping as we define our responsible and productive future with Artificial Intelligence.

Answering the "So What" of Generative AI.

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