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Portraits in AI Leadership:

Mr Geoff Schaefer

Geoff's principal professional goal is to ensure that AI’s development in the United States is maximally advantageous to the country’s long-term security and prosperity.

To that end, his work focuses on the impact that AI has on humans, organizations, and the government. He looks at key ethical risks; the strategic and operational challenges of adopting AI at scale; and AI's impact to national security and economic growth. This includes a focus on what role regulation can play, and the 3rd order effects on other areas like education and geopolitics. He brings to this work a broad set of experiences across domains and disciplines – from risk management at Bridgewater Associates to applied ethics and analytics strategy at Booz Allen Hamilton.

He believes deeply in fusing the key tools and methods from each of these disciplines to approach problems differently, and he believes this will be necessary to successfully address the challenges of AI.

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The 2024
Leaders in Responsible AI
Summit ↣

Mission Control AI, Booz Allen Hamilton, and The Intellectual Forum at Jesus College, Cambridge are honored to convene the second annual Leaders in Responsible AI Summit.

We invite you to join other senior Defense, Civil, Commercial and Academic leaders for a day of intimate discussion and hands-on workshopping as we define our responsible and productive future with Artificial Intelligence.

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