Mission Control GenOps

Enterprise infrastructure for clarity and trust in LLMs and AI Agents

Clarity + Trust for LLM success in every mission.

GenOps is an end-to-end enablement platform for trustworthy Generative AI deployment. Now your team has guided secured access to LLMs that drive mission success.


Get clarity on LLM value for every mission

GenOps offers a library of 1000s of practical and useful business use case templates that your team can use to immediately become more productive using LLMs.

Monitor and Secure all LLM usage and traffic

All traffic is recorded, analyzed, and auditable. Analyze usage to ID high performers, data risks, and trends and topics.

Fine-tune and serve your own LLMs

Fine-tune your own open-sourced LLMs directly on GenOps using your own data. Make those fine-tuned models immediately available to your team.

Execute in a secure environment

Automatically detect, block, redact, or remove secret terms and concepts from LLM traffic. GenOps advanced Data Loss Prevention and Document Control facility is immediately usable Day 0.

All in your secure cloud

GenOps deploys in your secure cloud environment. No data leaves that you don't want to leave.

Get Use Case Clarity

Deploy thousands of pre-build LLM Recipes based on real job tasks for the real jobs in your team.

GenOps database of pre-formatted examples are an excellent way to get your team from zero to one with Generative AI in the workplace.

Control LLM Traffic

Automatically identify and block sensitive terms and concepts from being submitted to 3rd-party LLMs.

Secure access to specific models and data sources on a user and user role basis. Analyze traffic and usage, security risks, and prompt/response trends.

Leverage Your Data

Give your team the superpower to build sophisticated LLM-powered applications without writing a single line of code.

Leverage your internal data sources to be used with LLMs; all while resting on GenOps Trust for data security.

GenOps Features


Live templates

Accelerate your team's AI transformation with thousands of pre-built sample templates specific to the tasks you need to accomplish.

Deploy them in 1 click.


Useful Day 1

GenOps is pre-configured for your mission success.

Deploy in your private cloud and get value today, not next year.


Trust analytics

All traffic on GenOps is automatically passed through trust and governance scoring measures.

Combine data governance and AI governance policies for a real-time enforcement environment.


Use Your Data

Use LLMs to interrogate your internal documentation and data.

Build LLM-powered applications that leverage your legacy data


Data Loss Prevention

Use 3rd party models securely without leaking sensitive data.

Automatically block, redact, or remove sensitive terms or topics from being used in prompts.


Document Control Facility

Control what documents and data can be used by which users and for which applications.

Mature data governance gives you fine-grained control over how AI uses your documents.


Access Level Controls

Control how your users access LLMs.

Who can build, who can customize - and what data they can use to fine-tune models or chat with 3rd party models.


Usage analytics

Analyze and understand how users and departments are adopting AI technology.

Break down usage by application, department, user, or topic to drive actionable insights.

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What Makes
GenOps Powerful:


Discover where LLMs supercharge your mission, how your own data can be leveraged, and how to upskill your team and democratize access.

GenOps offers a one-click deployable library of thousands of use case templates, integrates with your document and data systems, and upskills your team in real time.


Establish situational awareness into how your organization uses LLMs and put trust back into the equation.

GenOps empowers you to monitor all LLM traffic in real time, secure user access, hide and obfuscate LLM traffic, and secure your sensitive information from data loss.


Deploy your own fine-tuned LLMs directly within GenOps, or choose from a library of open source models directly available for private secure usage within GenOps.

Models are hosted in a secured environment to reduce data loss risk.


Mission Control is a global leader on applied AI Safety and Governance research.

Our research and clarity become directly usable to you via our platforms.

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