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How AI is changing the workforce

How is AI changing the workforce?

AI is significantly changing the workforce, and it’s not just because it’s forcing us to adapt to new technology. It’s also changing the labor demands of employers, and that can be a good thing for job-seekers with the right skill set.

AI automation is improving efficiency and increasing productivity, which means companies can get more done with fewer employees. But this doesn’t mean they want fewer employees — they just want employees who can handle more than what were considered “entry-level” tasks. The demand for creative thinking is on the rise as companies look for workers who can use their hands AND their minds.

What Jobs Will be Replaced by AI?

It’s no secret that AI has been taking over jobs across the board, but what exactly are they taking over?

Certain industries are more vulnerable to replacement, such as admin, payroll, customer service, or data entry. With the advent of machine learning, computers can now process and interpret large amounts of data much faster than humans. This makes tasks like data entry, which are largely repetitive and require little critical thinking, ripe for automation. Thanks to natural language processing (NLP), chatbots can now handle simple customer inquiries with little input from humans. As NLP technology continues to evolve, chatbots will likely become even more adept at handling complex customer issues, making human customer service representatives increasingly unnecessary. Luckily, critical thinking and creativity cannot be simulated by AI — so employers will be increasingly searching for talent that can fulfill these needs!

How can You Prepare for the Future of Work?

As the future of work approaches, it’s hard to predict exactly what to expect. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to prepare for the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

Stay informed about AI: When AI begins to replace repetitive work, manual labor might become less common. This means skills related to creative thinking or emotional intelligence could be more valuable than ever.

Think about what skills will be in demand when AI begins to replace repetitive work: Think about what kinds of skills will be in demand as machines begin taking over repetitive tasks that would otherwise be done by humans. Will you need new skills? What will those new skills look like? Do you have any ideas on how you might get them?

Learn new skills to stay ahead of the curve: the only way we can keep up with technology is by learning as much as we can as fast as possible and adapting our skill sets accordingly. If you find yourself falling behind at work or wish you could improve your creativity or critical thinking skills, there are plenty of online classes out there that can help!

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