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LLM and AI Agent Trust Infrastructure For Every Mission

Mission Control platforms drive AI clarity and trust when failure is not an option.

Powering clarity and trust for enterprise AI success.

We build the SaaS infrastructure that the enterprise requires to understand and trust AI.

We're a technical organization who believes that AI success rests firmly on our ability to align AI with the values and virtues that make our nation and society strong.

Our platforms bridge Aristotle to Algorithms and AI Agents.


Platforms for when AI Failure is not an option

↣ GenOps

LLM Clarity and Trust Infrastructure for the Enterprise

↣ PolicyOps

Full-lifecycle AI Governance automation

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What Makes Mission Control Platforms Powerful


Discover where LLMs supercharge your mission, how your own data can be leveraged, and how to upskill your team and democratize access.

GenOps offers a one-click deployable library of thousands of use case templates, integrates with your document and data systems, and upskills your team in real time.


Establish situational awareness into how your organization uses LLMs and put trust back into the equation.

GenOps empowers you to monitor all LLM traffic in real time, secure user access, hide and obfuscate LLM traffic, and secure your sensitive information from data loss.


Deploy your own fine-tuned LLMs directly within GenOps, or choose from a library of open source models directly available for private secure usage within GenOps.

Models are hosted in a secured environment to reduce data loss risk.


Mission Control is a global leader on applied AI Safety and Governance research.

Our research and clarity become directly usable to you via our platforms.

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The 2024
Leaders in Responsible AI

The Leaders in Responsible AI Summit is our annual Summit.

Held in partnership with Jesus College Cambridge, this invitation-only event convenes global leaders in Responsible AI and AI Safety in a private single-day working session pushing forward private and public agendas on AI.

Registration opens September 2023.

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